Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer Preparations

Checked on the hives the other day. They all seem to be doing well. The main hive had some queen cells in it, so I put some in my deep and medium nuc. The medium nuc was shaken down from a deep nuc last week, and they've made a good amount of comb, but apparently they were queenless.


I'll soon be headed back to Richmond, and I plan on taking some of my bees with me. I plan on taking a deep hive body, and then placing divider boards in it, and then placing a frame of honey and one of brood for each of the 3 queens I'll have ( I have 2 now, one should be in the mail). I plan on taking a frame of eggs (from a fellow beekeeper) and one of brood to fill the last spot in the deep (of 4).

I'll bring another deep full of brood and bees home with me (to put in other equipment when I get home). My shallow split and main hive will be left here in Blacksburg under care of another beekeeper.

Also taking the medium nuc home that someone ordered. Picking up a nuc from Honey Rustlin' Farms sometime next week too.

These bees will be taken with me to my grandparents house on the Northern Neck for my summer internship.

Don't to forget to check out my other website.

Have a great week! I'll try to post an update before or after the move.

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