Sunday, May 9, 2010

April Beekeeping Pictures

Here are a few of my pictures from various inspections in April. Explanations below each picture.

Frame from first split in March. Foundationless frame. Comb is broken due to end bar falling off the top bar.

Blurry picture of my oldest queen.

Wild hive on the corner of two busy streets (2 feet from sidewalks).
Will be taken down to put in a traffic circle. We're talking to the town to let us salvage the hive before they take it down.

Various beehives.

Plastic frame. They eventually drew these out poorly. Will be replacing with foundationless frames.

Same frame, other side. When I made a split from this hive, I had 12 queen cells on this frame and none on any of the others. Maybe these are useful for making queen cells? However, I damaged about a third of them when I tried to remove them and place them in some nucs.

Main hive.

Queen cell in one of my nucs.

Fellow Virginia Tech Beekeeping Club members.

Oldest queens laying pattern.

Other side.

Honey and some brood.

First nuc of the year.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Feel free to check out my other website for more beekeeping and oyster gardening info.

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